Tutoring: Consider your Options

With new technology and unique approaches being developed every day, there are a variety of tutoring options from which students and their families can choose. Read on to learn more about the variety of tutoring options available to today's student.

While choosing to consult with a tutor is an important step in your child's education, finding the best tutor for the job is worthy of just as much consideration. Keep in mind how your child interacts with peers and adults and how he or she learns--each child has his or her own learning style.

Here are several tutoring options to consider:

One-on-One Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring is among the most common types of instructional programs. This type of tutoring allows the tutor to structure the approach and schedule to the individual student's needs rather than his or her peers. Children may also feel less self-conscious or embarrassed because they aren't struggling with math problems or reading in front of other children. This type of tutoring also works well for shy students who prefer working with someone older and for facing specific issues that need to be addressed immediately. Costs for this type of tutoring vary with the tutor's previous experience and qualifications

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Peer Tutoring

Many schools offer after-school peer tutoring or mentoring programs. In this type of program, students work in groups and help each other with their homework. If it's a mentoring program, an older student from a higher grade level may volunteer to help a younger student with his or her homework. This tutoring option may work well if you're on a budget, because many of these programs are free. It also tends to work best for students who enjoy interacting with other students, and is particularly useful for older grade school and middle school aged students.

Tutoring Centers

Tutoring centers are also called learning centers. These centers often begin the process by having your child take a diagnostic test, which allows them to develop a learning strategy for your child. If you are doing group tutoring, the test will also help the center place your child in a group with children of similar needs.

Online Tutoring and Tutoring Software

Online tutoring and tutoring software are options for students who enjoy using computers. These tutoring options allow children to work anytime and anywhere they choose. Online tutoring is a viable option for students who may not be able to regularly attend other programs, who have transportation problems, or are busy with other extracurricular activities. However, you may need to help make sure your child uses these programs and services on a regular basis since they require a certain degree of self-motivation.

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