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4 Study Suggestions for General Chemistry Towson University Although specifically targeting students in chemistry, it should be a helpful resource for science, math, physics and engineering students. **
5 Study Skills Self-Help Information Virginia Tech Division of Student Affairs A jumping off point to more than 25 links including: Time Scheduling Suggestions, Study Skill Checklist, Editing Lecture Notes, Constructive Suggestions Regarding Motivation, Note Taking and In - Class Skills, Priority Setting, etc.
6 Study Skills Package Counselling Services, University of Waterloo Here's a little good advice offered at this site: "You are more likely to succeed if you make small changes and experience positive results than if you try to change everything and set yourself up for failure. A good place to start might be with a change that sounds most reasonable and workable and by applying it to your most difficult subject." **
7 Getting Good Grades Office of Student Affairs - University of Toronto Discusses the PSQ5R method which can make your study reading more effective. PSQ5R stands for Purpose, Survey, Question, Read selectively, Recite, "Rite", Reflect and Review. Also, check out the bottom of the page where a rather "noisy" block of options leads to a whole lot more information. ***
8 Reading Strategies Dr. Kathleen King, Idaho State University Ever wonder why your reading assignments were so difficult? As this article reveals, "College reading, on the other hand, requires meta-cognition, the ability to orchestrate your own learning. You need to think about how your learning style interacts with the text you are reading, and perhaps change your reading strategies to meet the challenges of that text." ***



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