FAQ For Students

  1. Do I have to pay for the registration?
  2. No, it is free of charge.

  3. Upon confirmation of an assignment, do I have to pay CampusTutors for the service?
  4. Yes. You will pay us 50% commission * after the 2nd week of commencement of tuition, and pay the tutor the remaining 50% after the first one month of tutoring. For subsequent months, tutor will keep the full tuition fee. You can transfer the 50% of tutor's first month earning to our company's bank account via internet banking or automated teller machine (ATM), or simply send us a crossed cheque. This is our administration fee and is therefore non-negotiable.

    * 50% commission is calculated based on the number of lessons per month. If the agreed number of lessons is 8 per month or 2 per week, then 50% commission will be 4 lessons fees.

  5. How long will I have to wait to get a tutor after doing the online registration?
  6. Upon receiving your Online Registration, our coordinator will get back to you within 24 hours or less by email, sms, or call. It normally takes around 48 hours or less to shortlist a list of tutors for your selection.

  7. Will the information I provide be safe online?
  8. Rest assured that our company has taken special measures to ensure the utmost confidentiality of all your personal contact information provided during the registration process. We are committed to protecting your privacy and will thus seek your approval before sending out your contact details.

  9. Can I choose my own tutor?
  10. Yes, you can. Upon registering with us, you can specify your preferences for your choice of tutors. For example, some parents might prefer a female tutor for their own child or vice versa. Some may also state that the tutors be more fluent and familiar with a certain subject to teach their children.

    In any case, we would be gladly take note of your requests and try our best to match the perfect tutor for you.

  11. Do we get to decide on the frequency and time of lesson?
  12. Yes, this is entirely up to your decision. Please state the timing of lessons preferred (e.g. weekend/ weekdays; night/ morning) during registration and we will reflect this to our tutors upon contact in order to find tutor with the most suitable schedule to match your stated lesson times. Tuition fees will be worked out depending on frequency and duration of lesson times as well.

  13. How much do we need to pay?
  14. How much you are willing to pay depends on you. When you give us your child’s particulars during the registration process, we would also like to know your budget.

    You might think that since you are setting the price, you can try to bring it down as low as possible. Though this may be tempting, we urge you not to. A low price does not always equate to good value. We hope to point out that the tutors are earning a living too. Scrimping on their pay will discourage the tutors from putting in more effort during lessons and we are sure that this is not the desired scenario.

    Therefore, the fact remains that if you would like a good tutor, one whom which tutors with passion, you cannot afford to scrimp on your child’s tuition fee. We do wish that you would offer a reasonable price and stick to your side of the bargain. If you are unsure of how reasonable is reasonable, we would be glad to offer you our honest advice on present market rates and what not.

  15. What are the current market rates for tuition fees?

  16. These rates are just an indicative range for your reference and may vary upon tutor’s standard (all of whom we can guarantee to be at least of undergraduate standard) as well as parent’s decision. In any case, do quote us your budget price during registration and we would try our best to find a tutor who is able to meet your budget.

  17. Can I request to change the tutor if I find that he/she is not suitable?
  18. Yes, you can. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the tutor we recommended, you are allowed to request for a change. Fees for the lessons conducted have to be paid accordingly. You will have to pay for the lessons conducted.

  19. How can we be sure that the tutor is not a fraud giving false information about his qualifications?
  20. When a tutor registers with us, he or she would have to accept to our agency’s terms and conditions. One of which states that they are obliged to show you proof of their qualifications upon your requests. Failure to do so will provide a valid reason for you to reject their tuition services. Please inform us if such a case occurs, so that we can condone and blacklist the specific tutor for the benefit of other parents or agencies in future.

    Also, if you find it too awkward to ask for proof from them, just let us know and we would be glad to inform them on your behalf.


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