FAQ For Tutors

  1. Do I have to pay for the registration?
  2. There are no charges incurred, but with every successful assignment, the student will pay us 50% commission after the 2nd week of commencement of tuition, and pay you the remaining 50% after the first one month of tutoring. For subsequent months, you will keep the full tuition fees. This is our administration fee and is therefore non-negotiable.

    * Take note that the commission is based on the number of lessons conducted. It will be the fees for half of the number of lessons agreed per month. If the number of lessons agreed per month is 8 lessons, we will be collecting the fees of 4 lessons as commission. This will not change even if the client decided to cancel any of the lessons during the month.

    * The tutor is deemed to have agreed with all the terms and conditions stated by EdustarAsia Tuition Agency on this page by taking up any assignment.

  3. This is difficult to understand. Can we have an illustrative example?
  4. For example, if the tuition fees as decided upon by the parent is $25/hr for 2 hrs per week. Then in one month, the total fees will amount to $200. Since our policy states that 50% of your first month tuition fees will have to be transacted to us, therefore the student will transfer $100 to our agency.

    This only applies for the first month of any tuition assignment handed to you by our agency, after which, any change in frequency of lessons or tuition fees will be solely between you and the parent.

  5. What are the benefits to register as a tutor with your agency?
  6. Once you have registered with us your profile will be posted in our database. Hence upon receiving tuition assignments from parents and clients that apply with us, we will then search through our database for the most suitable match. From there, we might shortlist you as tutors for a certain tuition job.

  7. Will I be guaranteed a teaching assignment when I register?
  8. As mentioned previously, searching for the perfect match for our tutoring assignments will be purely based on the information you have submitted to us. Hence immediate tutoring job offers are not guaranteed as the process of finding the best match for both our tutors and students takes time.

    However, as long as your name and details stay in our database, we will contact you as soon as we find a suitable candidate.

  9. What is the minimum qualification to register?
  10. You must have a passion to teach and be able to commit. The level of the students you take will also depend on your academic qualification.

    You must also have had taken the subject that you want to tutor in. We require you to upload a scanned copy of your educational certificates to our database to increase your chances of getting an assignment.

  11. Can I choose my students?
  12. No, we will contact the best match of tutor for our clients screened using our frequently updated database. This selection is based upon location, subjects taught as well other specifications as stated by our client. Upon which, the contacted tutor will have to make a decision whether or not to take up the tuition job. After acceptance of the job, please do practice professionalism and teach at least a full month.

    However, tutors may specify their preferences such as locations of their preferred tutees, subjects as well as level of tutees to be taught. This information would be keyed into our database and used to refine our selection for tutors for our clients.

  13. What are the fees like and where are lessons held?
  14. Frankly speaking, fees are decided upon by the parent. However we will advice the parent of prevailing indicative market rates and ensure that this is a reasonable rate for both the parents and tutors alike.

    By default, lessons will be held at the student’s home of residence.

  15. Can I reject a job offer?
  16. Decision to take up a tuition job depends entirely on you. Upon contact from the coordinator, details such as location, days, timings and frequency of lessons, subjects to be taught and amount of pay will be reflected to you. Please base your decision on the above details and upon deciding, contact our coordinator with your reply as soon as possible. Think properly before applying so as to facilitate efficient business dealings.

  17. I have registered with your agency for a very long time. Why have I not been given any assignment?
  18. We hope to point out the fact that in today’s tuition market, the supply of tutors will always be bigger than the supply of students. Therefore, we might need some time before we can find you a suitable assignment.

    We can assure you that as long as your name remains in our database, we will contact you as soon as there is a suitable match.

    And as for those who have set a stringent criteria for their students, it is without a doubt that finding a perfect match would be a tougher task and hence you most probably would have to wait for a longer period of time. We urge you to be patient and we will contact you as soon as we find someone who fits the bill.

  19. Do I only register with your agency when I am free to teach?
  20. No. As long as you have the interest to be a tutor then please go ahead and register with our agency. Assignments are not confirmed until you have given us consent to carry on with them. Otherwise, choice to take up an assignment can be decided based upon your availability and other time commitments. Please do try to ensure your timetable allows for you to take up the tutoring assignments granted to you, this is to avoid other complications in future ( e.g. cancellation of lessons, etc.)


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