Home tuition

is the surest of ways of improving grades in Singapore and I don't think I need to emphasize on the importance of grades in Singapore. One typical classroom size in a school here is about 40 pupils.

Forty is too many

With this number, there is no way the teacher can get the full attention of all the students at all. You don't believe me? Just try to talk to 40 people at one go. Your children probably spend more time talking among themselves than listening to the teachers anyway.

So am I saying that to provide the best chance of education for your child, you should immediately get a tuition teacher right now? Food for thought.

In Singapore, Tuition is useful

How useful home tuition is totally depends on the tuition teacher. It is extremely important to get the right tutor.

Some people pay a minimal fee and see results quickly; some pay much more but is left exasperated after only a few months into the tuition, others try to teach their children themselves and end up beating the child. So what is the secret? Read on and you might just get lucky.

Bad tuition agencies

There are numerous tuition agencies

around in Singapore . Many who have tried to employ a tutor through these agencies end up shaking their heads in disgust. I have heard of many tuition agencies that send male instead of female tutors to teach dispite of an agreement before-hand, tuition teachers that quit after a few lessons and tuition teachers that scold the students all the time. 

Good tuition agencies

For every bad experience some parents have, there are good experiences too. The trick here is to find the correct tuition agency.

Established agencies 

To find a good tuition agency, look for one that has is established. They are more concerned with quality because they have to build a brand name. How do you know if they are established?

They are usually registered and pay taxes, you will know because they will have to send you the bill and invoice They usually have professional looking website and not some made with half hearted attempts.

Good tuition agencies keep track of their tutors

Try to look for an agency that keeps track of their tutors, you'll know because they usually have feedback forms and such.

To employ a qualified good private home tutor, here's the link.

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