Many parents seeking online for their children, or private tuition in their home, will be focusing on academic achievement. Perhaps their child is under-achieving in a particular subject, or requires catch-up help due to illness or absence. Ambitious parents may want to ensure that their gifted child receives more input than busy school teachers can provide.

Online tutoring and private tuition can indeed confer these benefits, helping young learners to master a given subject, or to move from achieving average test results to exceptional grades. However, there is more to achievement, and to educational success, than grades. Online tutoring and private tuition can both assist young learners in domains beyond academic achievement.

Above all else, private tuition and online tutoring typically both emphasize one-to-one, personalized attention. Some young learners will have received little attention of this kind. Sometimes its a matter of large classes in which the teachers attention to individual needs is inevitably diluted by the demands of the group. Learners whose achievement is neither worrying nor brilliant may not get the extra attention that gifted children, or children whose learning

is impaired, receive. Learners of all skill levels may come into their own with individual private tuition.

For learners who do struggle with a subject, or with learning generally, online tutors who provide private tuition can be more than just subject coaches. Experienced and qualified online tutors will recognize learning difficulties that can benefit from specialist attention. For learners with attention and concentration problems, individual assistance that teaches them to resist distractions and focus can work wonders.

Under-achievement can be as frustrating for learners as it is for parents and teachers. A learner who is known for being bottom of the class may come to suffer from problems of self-esteem that extend beyond schoolwork and into the social and emotional domains. Online tutors who provide encouragement and reassurance along with practical instruction can make a big difference. Fostering a sense of achievement that, in turn, boosts learners motivation, can also be one of the most rewarding experiences for online tutors.

Under-achieving is not limited to children with learning difficulties, whether those derive from a problem such as dyslexia or ADHD or from a school or home environment that is not conducive to effective learning. Intelligent children who do not receive the stimulation they require in the classroom context may, out of boredom, resort to playing up and acting out. Private tuition, or online tutoring, can assist here too, by providing that stimulation and helping learners to realize the importance of achieving their own, individual potential.

All learners deserve to feel special, no matter what their abilities. Through online tutoring learners can be helped to appreciate their own strengths, at the same time as they receive assistance with any areas of learning where they display weaknesses. Without that feeling of self-worth, young learners may have little motivation to engage, yet alone perform well in their academic studies. Any parent seeking online tutors or private tuition should bear in mind that it is not only an investment in a learners grades but also a way to aid childrens personal development.




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